Narnia beckons

And so, it would appear I’m blessed to be working again with Sally Cookson on a Christmas show for the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe is a co-production between WYP and Elliott & Harper, and excitingly is going to be presented in the round.

Creative works have already begun, with R&D sessions in London and Bristol exploring the narratives, music, puppetry, movement, and (my area) the flying. The design of the space, with it being in the round, means that there’s no wings to hide behind, and no easy way to get aerial kit or people into the air. I could write a whole other post entirely about how we are going to fill the airspace in certain scenes, but I don’t want to announce any spoilers yet…

Casting is underway, and rehearsals start up in Leeds in early October. (the same time as I start my MA in Circus Directing at Circomedia – eek!)

Here’s a link to the WYP website, with some early R&D video clips (no aerial, sadly):

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